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The Conscience Institute

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Prebujevalnica® (The Awakening Room)

The Project
Efficiency Measurements


To measure the efficiency of the invention

The Project Task

On March 31, 2015 the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office granted Rudi Klaric the patent no. 24480. Technical name of the patent is “Insulated Multimedia Space.” Trademark and user name of the patent is Prebujevalnica®  (The Awakening Room).

The invention allows the users to re-create a mental energy filed (atmosphere) of clear conscience and pure nature in the patented space – The Awakening Room. This field enables the users, providing that they follow the instructions correctly, the stimulation of natural self-healing and protecting power of their own organisms and at the same time acceleration of their personal development.

The project task is to assess the efficiency of the invention by experts and users. For this task on which the evaluation will be based on, The Conscience Institute will found the expert council of the project. The council will be comprised of the independent experts and scientists from the fields of medicine, statistics, computer science, culture, sports as well as the individuals who will opt for the use of the Awakening Room.

More information on the inventor is available online at > INVENTOR

The Awakening Room as a tool

The invention is the result of 25 years of the inventor’s search for the way to systemically ensure a coherent energy field of clear conscience and pure nature through the use of multimedia content in the room. The content that enables emanation of this field is based on the author’s original Sem&vem® (sensible and protective cognitive energy method) approach. The space is meant to be used by one person at a time. After 25 years of testing of this approach, the inventor has come to the conclusion that the space equipped in accord with his invention can serve every adult as means to achieve higher levels of spiritual awakening and composure.

The main achievement of the regular use of the Awakening Room is stimulation of the natural self-healing properties of the organism and accelerated personal development. With correct use of the Awakening Room it becomes possible to maintain and bolster achievements in the areas of health and personal development. Higher level of spiritual awakening and improved composure are also of help to the individual when it comes to the recognition and elimination of mental causes for the problems with health, relationships, work, finances, and other areas. With elimination of these causes, the chance of recurring problems is also substantially diminished.

The energy field serves the user as an informational and energetic support with their beneficial goals, such as:

  • to overcome medically incurable illnesses
  • to facilitate natural self-healing properties of the body
  • to protect the body against recurring health problems and injuries
  • to boost the natural immune responses of the organism
  • to find a conscientious and natural way of withdrawal and overcoming of all kinds of addictions
  • to build up fitness in studying, work, business, and sports
  • to improve safety at work, sports, and road traffic
  • to raise the level of patience and understanding in intimate relationships and family
  • to accelerate inventiveness and creativity in personal and entrepreneurial endeavors and cooperation ... 

The more awakened and focused the users are during the use of the Awakening Room, the more condensed energy field of clear conscience and pure nature they can re-create and the more sustainable effects they can achieve in the body and psyche.

The aim of the project

to raise the funds for

  • the free trial use of the Awakening Room by those interested
  • the founding of the expert council of the project in accordance with The Conscience Institute statute to carry out the research measurements of the efficiency
  • the availability of the invention in Slovenia and globally

How Does the Awakening Room Work

The only task of the user in the Awakening Room is to follow the recommendations that are projected on the screen. By the use of film – pictures – words – sounds – music – colors the program delivers content that is in accord with the desired goals of the user. If the person follows the program in accord with the recommendations, he or she re-creates beneficial mental energy field. In this field the following occurs:

On The Bodily Level

  • deep body relaxation, which stimulates the natural self-healing properties of the organism and boost natural immune responses of the body

On Psychological Level

  • uncovering of the personal mental causes for health and life difficulties
  • recognition of harmful character traits and contradictions in one’s own mind
  • gathering strength to discontinue harmful habits and traits that endanger the life span of the body and sustainable personal development
  • developing habits and traits that are useful for the users in the future
  • bolstering the existing talents of the users and development of new ones in sustainable cooperation between clear conscience and pure nature

On The Spiritual Level

  • gathering inner (spiritual) strength for conscious acceleration of personal development and achievement of supertemporal (sustainable) meaning of life
  • achieving a higher level of composure (mindfulness)
  • conservation of continuous spiritual inspiration as a source of sustainable creativity

Regular Correct Use of the Awakening Room

In time enables the user to systematically

  • improve control over one’s mind, especially its unruly traits, habits, thoughts, states of mind, words, actions
  • gain freedom from dangerous (for the organism and success in life) mental and material addictions, inherited and adopted after birth
  • cleanse one’s own mentality from harmful influences that are absorbed from the environment
  • alleviate the organism from the consequences of harmful habits and addictions
  • develop habits, practices, traits, and talents that are useful for Your future
  • gather internal (spiritual) strength to be able to also act in accord with the remade and cleaned mentality

The Conscience Institute

Is a private institute established for the research on the origin, significance, and possible uses of conscience in stimulation of self-healing, health protection, and creativity.

The institute is registered for humanitarian and other nonprofit activities. The institute is striving for implementation of the term conscience in all areas of its activities. By doing so, The institute has no intention to compete with other activities. The main goal is to help and support the improvement of quality, achieve mutual accordance, and sustainably meaningful actions and development of all activities.

The Conscience Institute as a voluntary and humanitarian organization promotes accessibility and use of all tools of the Sem&vem® (I am & I Know) approach.


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